Tarryl Janik

Jack Warren is a low-life--a suicidal cop haunted by past tragedy. Suddenly a promiscuous teenage girl goes missing at the local rest stop just outside of small town Wisconsin. Despite Jack's alcoholism, he is on the case. Evidence suggests murder, but what Jack ultimately discovers is something far more sinister...

Godforsaken is just as much about the horror found in the everyday as it is about blood and guts.  It will leave you feeling dirty and disgusted while simultaneously turned on and intrigued.  

About The Author
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Tarryl Janik holds a B.A. in religious studies and anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and a M.S. in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His academic interest is religion and violence in Amazonia and he is currently pursuing his Ph.D. He has written, presented, and published on topics such as Satanism, witchcraft, and dark shamanism.  
POWERFUL.                                                 SALACIOUS.                                                  BLOODY DISGUSTING.                            
RIVETING.                                                                TOXIC.                                                  PHANTASMAGORIC.
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"The Ravening"   
Jack Warren was a low-life--a suicidal cop haunted by past tragedy. After investigating the disappearance of a promiscuous teenage girl at a local rest stop just outside of small town Wisconsin, Jack discovered something far more sinister than murder--ritual death, assault sorcery, and zombie making. In part two of three in this godforsaken series the damned will become redeemed and the redeemed will surely be damned in what might just be the end of the world as they know it. The Ravening reintroduces popular characters like Devin and Judas, while simultaneously twisting an insidious tale that will leave the reader both repulsed and attracted. This book answers the question that everyone is asking--what happens to Jack and Haven?
"Godforsaken", the predecessor to "The Ravening", leaves the reader wanting more, and author Tarryl Janik delivers just that. This second installment has more gore, more action, and more over-the-top sex. It is cringeworthy, graphic, and steamy. Even the biggest horror aficionado will grimace at some of Janik's vivid scenes. "The Ravening" leaves the reader wondering how this twisted saga will come to an end in the final book. The morbidity and palpatible darkness will stay with you long after the last word.

From page one, Janik catapults the reader into graphic, unsettling imagery that is uniquely disturbing and entrancing at the same time... it implores you to keep reading. As the seemingly deranged characters are introduced and re-introduced from "Godforsaken", you are also being introduced to a dark, ritualistic evil that begins to literally consume their community. The descriptiveness of his writing allows you to paint a picture that may, at times, leave you feeling squeamish, but also captivates you and pulls you into the sacrificial bloodshed that is taking place while also acquiring insight into the world of Amazonian shamanism. Recommended to all who are not faint at heart and look forward to the final book of this trilogy... ...
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