Tarryl Janik, Ph.D.


I have a PhD in cultural anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and my fieldwork is based in Orlando Florida. My areas of interest are the anthropology of shamanism, entheogenic sects and psychedelic religions in the United States, the anthropology of law, and Indigenous studies.





PhD Dissertation:
"Soul Quest Church of Mother Earth: Ayahuasca Decriminalization and the Struggle of an Institution to Become a Church." (2023)



Peer-reviewed Books

Lewy, Mathias, Whitaker, James A., and Janik, Tarryl.  Sorcery in Amazonia: A Comparative Exploration of Magical Assault.  Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut. PreuBischer Kulturbesitz. Estudios Indiana. Forthcoming, 2024.

Peer-reviewed Articles

“Psychological Mara: The Formative Identity of Mara in 100 B.C.E to 600 C.E. Indian Mahayana Buddhism,” Dialogue 55, no.1: 23.

Janik, Tarryl., Aleman, Stephanie., "The Sound of Death and the Legacy of Thinking Violence: Notes of a Final Interview with Neil L. Whitehead,” Anthropology News 53, no. 7.

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